Cecil-Harford Waterman

A non-profit organization
Created March 29, 1977 by William Foreaker, Craig Jackson, and J Evans McKenney. The Harford-Cecil Waterman's Association is a collective group of individuals with a common interest focusing on the commercial harvest of fish, crabs, and a variety of seafood. Harford-Cecil members are committed to preserving the rich heritage of the Chesapeake Bay.

Many of our current members grew up on the bay, and realize the importance of coming together to preserve the rich history of the industry, spreading their knowledge about the waterman's traditions.

Meetings are held usually once a month by contacting any one of our board members. They will answer questions and give you directions to one of our meetings. Harford-Cecil is a friendly group of local fellows always looking for new ideas and looking to share our love for the bay and our rich heritage with whoever is willing to listen.

Have a safe Winter!

Last Updated 02/06/2014
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